Velcar auto centre is a mechanic shop that focuses in national and international automatic car repairs.
After undergoing new management in early 2017, Velcar decided to update their current logo (below) and do a complete overhaul of their visual identity.
The client wanted a really modern and unique visual so I decided to make a grid-based typography but with influences from lettering and typography from the golden age of the auto industry.

This would help the client to be set apart from a market that doesn't normally invest in visual communication while strengthening the finished look of their logo.
I started off by creating a square of 10 x 10 units.
(units will be represented by the letter x)
I wanted the type to have a greater width than height,
so I divided 10x by the golden ratio and added that to the overall width.
I then divided the length 10x by 8, creating equal parts of 1,25x.
This will serve as the final grid with which I can start designing the type for the logo.
Every letter will have the same x-height and the same weight of 2,5x.  
With all the letters made I can use the grid to kern all the letters and separate the bars from the A and R just to give more characterization and style to the type.
Utilising the grid again, I decided to give the typography round corners.
This will give the type a more refined and professional look.
With the typography done, the client now needed a symbol to go along with it. I decided to use the letter V to create arrows all pointing towards a central point.

This represents the company's on-going focus to fulfil all their goals to themselves and their clients.
And here's the final result.
Red was chosen as the main color since it already has a strong representation in the automotive market. Light grey was chosen as the secondary color to contrast the main bold color of the logo.
Thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed my design process.
I’d love to do a similar project for you.